Annual Surveillance

I had my first followup with my new urologist last week.  The good news is that my PSA has dropped for the first time, to 5.85 from 6.45.  This puts it back on the trajectory it has been on in the last few years.  The free PSA level remained about the same, 16% up from 15%. His advice is to test again and see him in a year.

A stark contrast to the urology office at Duly Medical that freaked out about almost certain cancer last fall, wanting to do an immediate biopsy for a suspicious lesion on the MRI that had not changed from the previous MRI.  All due to a slightly higher PSA than expected.  Not to mention that the MRI they wanted to schedule had no targeting whatsoever to make sure to sample the suspicious lesion.

I know docs are busy between insurance and large medical group management.  Even so, there are some things that should not be left completely to assistants.  At least not if you care about keeping patients.

Do you have  a PIRADS 4 or 5 result from an MRI but had a negative biopsy?  Stay in touch with your urologist!