What to Expect After Your Prostate Biopsy?

You’ll probably get a care sheet from your urologist.  Maybe you found a website with a list of possible side effects on the internet.  Beyond that, there aren’t a lot of reports with personal experiences from a prostate biopsy.  Probably for obvious reasons.  Most guys don’t want to talk about it.  Some are just too tough or too cool to tell it like it really is.  With a careful Google search, you can find some personal experiences on the procedure.  There are even a few horror stories.  If you’re squeamish when reading about unpleasant medical complications, STOP READING NOW!

According to the link above from the Mayo Clinic, here’s the original summary from 2009 of what to expect:

After a prostate biopsy, you’ll probably need to continue taking an antibiotic for a few days. You may feel slight soreness and have some light bleeding from your rectum. You may have blood in your urine or stools for a few days. You may also notice that your semen has a pinkish tint caused by a small amount of blood in your semen. This can last for more than a month.

The first part is pretty much right on the money, in my experience.  It’s that last part that may not be completely accurate.  In fact, a number of respectable institutions fail to mention this issue at all on their information.  Here’s the squeamish part.  A pinkish tint doesn’t begin to describe it.  Initially, we’re talking dark, blood red, as if you have a serious medical problem.  Now, there’s no pain or discomfort involved, the systems works just like normal in that regard, it’s just disconcerting to see it.  Your wife, girlfriend or other woman may not be as sympathetic about this sort of thing as you’d like, given that they have dealt with a similar issue since puberty.  Even so, you should probably consider having condoms on hand and using them.

This may not be the case with all men after a biopsy, but it doesn’t seem uncommon from what I’ve read.  I find it interesting that I wasn’t once told about this possibility and it wasn’t on my care sheet, either.  You’d think they’d at least mention it to avoid getting panic calls from guys who didn’t do a little research before the procedure.  Well, if you’re going for a biopsy, consider yourself warned.  Maybe it won’t happen to you.  I hope not!

Also see my guide for recovery, side effects and complications from my second biopsy, and read the hundreds of comments with personal experiences from other men below.

For those looking for worst case scenarios, like infections or spreading cancer, you can find that too.  These are some of the things that worried me enough to postpone my biopsy in the first place.  Some websites go overboard, perhaps trying to use fear as a motivator to get you to consider their alternatives.  It’s a powerful motivator, but however small, there are some serious risks that should be considered.  For most men, the complications are minimal.  A little pain, some blood and obviously the anxiety of waiting for results.  Nonetheless, I think patients should be made aware of all possible risks so they know if they need medical attention or not.

Originally published Mar 9, 2009. Minor update, March 9, 2019.

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  1. Hi guys. My dad had his ultra sound scan biopsy done today. He said he is very bloated. Passing a lot of wind but has to make a dash for the loo in case it’s not wind. Has had 2 quiet loose stools since having it done. Living in a different country from him so I’m quiet concerned as can be expected. Have many of you had infection after? Just wondering the symptoms to be listening for. He lives on his own and doesn’t take good enough care of himself. Thanks

    1. Did they give him preventative antibiotics to start before the procedure? If not, it’s worth contacting a doctor, especially if he has a fever or other symptoms. Any time you repeatedly puncture the lower intestine there is a risk of infection.

    2. How soon did he get results? I put mine off till end of March as will be travelling next week. Also what’s next? some days get tired and it’s only been 2 weeks since biopsy.

  2. Had my biopsy done less than 2 weeks ago. It was pretty easy. Felt like an air gun when the Dr shot the needles in × 6. 3 needles showed cancer in varying degrees. I’m 61. Dr. recommends prostate be removed and radiation treatment. Getting that set up hopefully soon. Dr. feels it is isolated to the prostate. Still worry though if it has spread. Some pain on left side of diaphragm and right. Gotta ask Dr about that. Cancer was all on left side of prostate. I hope to have surgery soon. Gotta get that cancer out of my body!!

    1. Six days ago I had a prostate biopsy under general anesthesia due to elevated PSA which was followed at least once a year. It was my choice to follow and watch. I was told that the cancer was in between fast and slow. The biopsy was easy and quick so I’m lucky so far. Will discuss treatments with my MD in conference end of month. I’m hoping for non-surgical treatment. Any comments?

      1. Hello… My father had a biopsy two weeks ago today for his results a few days ago… He is choosing the waiting and watching as well. He is still on pain and having burning urination- did you have that? I’m hoping for an answer to give him on an average time that it lasts.

        Sending prayers your way

  3. after fully recovering from a prostate biopsy, my ejaculations have become rather large, pronounced and frequent – apparently this is a completely unexpected side-effect of the procedure. some days i have the urge to ejaculate several times per day which is very inconvenient and bothersome. has anyone else has this symptom after a prostate biopsy? should i be concerned? haven’t yet discussed it with my urologist because of the embarrassment. what do you feel would be the best way to broach the subject with my doctor and/or urologist?

  4. After a Prostrate infection (Different from a UTI) I was advised by my PCP to get the much delayed Colonoscopy done and then a visit to the Urologist. My PSA has been low (almost at 0) for years, but we wanted to see if there was any enlargement or other issues with my prostate. The Colonoscopy came out good, but the visit to the Urologist found a small “lump” on my prostrate. He said it could be nothing or could be the start of a cancer. We opted at that time to get the biopsy.
    My prep for the biopsy was a usual pre-surgery type list and a course of antibiotics to stem any infections.
    I had my procedure done Friday Jan 26, 2018. I think I was over thinking the procedure a bit and worrying too much. When the doc came in to do the procedure, I had been sitting in front of a tray of instruments; a loooong needle and a blue handle about the size of a desktop stapler (to my horror, manufacture labeled… “Magnum”) and 12 collection trays.
    I had the numbing and the ultrasound with no discomfort at all. The needle however did provide a bit of an experience. With each sample, there was a workshop staplegun snap, and a pain that radiated all the way to the tip on my penis. After 12 of those I would say I was done.
    The doc was sympathetic and warned me as best he could, but said that some people did not have issues, but some were …….
    The after effects are what I was not prepared for. I was told to expect a bit of bleeding in the stool and during urination for several days and that my ejaculate could be discolored. I have only seen blood in the stool on the first bowel movement, but I see blood in the urine about 90% of the time now (4 days in). What really got me was, I masturbated today to see if it would be traces of blood. Well what I saw looked like I had ejaculated all blood. That’s when I started looking around and found this site.
    All in all, I would say I’m glad I did the procedure. This Friday I find out my results. But from this point out, I will investigate the procedures a bit more to find out what to expect rather than rely on the doctors to give me the possible side effects.

    1. I am 61 years old and have been having regular blood tests for almost 3 years. My PSA has fluctuated from 6.9 to 4.8 to 6.7 therefore I had a targetted prostrate biospy 5 days ago.I am awaiting results. I had blood in my urine for a day but this has now passed [I think]. Am finding it increasinly difficult to pass urine since the biopsy and will hopefully see my MD this week to discuss. I ejaculated and it was all blood ! scared me. The health care professionals never mentioned that, maybe they were embarassed. My brother died of prostate cancer aged 66

  5. Im 70 years of age and they have watched my PSA for 18 months and the first 6 month Free PSA Test was 5.4, DR said come back in 6 months. 2nd test after taking Saw Palmetto Free PSA was 3.1, The 3rd test 6 months later Free PSA was 7.0 was on Predisone and antibiotics for a upper respiratory infection after coming home from Circus Circus in Reno, Nevada and took some antihistamines. Went to Urologist and had a sonic gram and a finger test later had a 16 samples at biopsy and had blood in the urine that has dissipated to just a rust color after 9 days when I start to urinate. Ejaculated and it was solid dark red 8 days after. Since then had a little discomfort in stomach area. Never seen any blood in stool. Waiting until Jan 31st 2018 for test results, Still a little rust blood when I start to urinate. No Problem urinating and stream is strong except when I go to bed and wake up and have to go. I go OK and stop and go again. Blood still in ejaculation. Before any Free PSA test make sure you don’t take any antihistamines, they will raise your PSA number.

  6. I had a biopsy December 1st. Not once after the surgery did i notice any blood in my urine. The blood in the semen lasted exactly two weeks. My semen is white as it gets. My PSA was a 4.6 at the time. In 2015 my PSA was a 2.5 and in 2017 it elevated to the 4.6. 4 of 12 specimens tested positive.

  7. My PSA level in 2 years increased from 4.9 to 5.7. I was referred to Urologist again and another blood sample taken, increased to 6.4 in few weeks. On his advice I had a biopsy, he took 15 samples, forgot to mention a mri scan showed some abnormality on left side. After the biopsy, first toilet visit a little blood on stool, nothing since. The blood in urine fluctuates from one day totally clear to another day a few flecks when starting to urinate, very pinky not thick. I ejaculated day after and was thick, mixture of red and brown which I know will last a few weeks. I get lower back pain and pelvic pain, however this is just not bad pain, just a bit uncomfortable at times and sure it will go soon. I am 4 days since biopsy waiting for results but still experiencing all. I am 63 years of age. My last biopsy 2 years ago revealed no signs of cancer. When the Urologist examined my prostate pre biopsy he said it had grown quite a bit since his last examination. I must say that during all this time, I have not had any burning sensation or pain during urination,, no signs of any blood in urine or semen, yes some erectile dysfunction, but nothing else. He thought 2 years ago I had BPH, now I am more concerned it is Cancer and await results then move forward.

  8. I had the biopsy from hell and it was done at a major hospital in Baltimore
    The day after, I woke up with chills and a fever. Had my wife take me to the emergency room and was admitted for 8 days with Sepsis. Apparently 1% of biopsies result in this.
    Came out of hospital and was peeing every 45 minutes. Needed to be put on Flomax and other drugs to help me regulate the peeing.
    Peeing is the worst with pain and itching. Biopsy came back negative for cancer.

    1. Why bother with this at all. The testing and worrying. I am 72 and have to go for this biopsy. The procedure seems to cause more problems than cancer. Ok if it’s “aggressive” it is worth it. If it is not aggressive cancer they say you can out live it. I hear that if it needs to be removed you wind up with a bag for your waste, and misery until you die.
      Decisions decisions. Ever before me, after a very instrusive, humiliating, possibly painful, possibly wild side effects proceedure, It may or not be cancer.
      Then what? If it is ok and my PSA goes up again repeat the proccedure? I don’t know if I would.

      1. You dont Luce with a bag Sir. Not removing the prostate. I’m sure you found that out now. Hopefully it turned out negative.

  9. I’m 51 and had a prostate biopsy about 8 months ago, due to fluctuating PSA Numbers. The worst part of the process was the snapping sound when they took each core. Kind of jolted you a bit, mostly because of the sound. Couldn’t wait to get to the last one! But the real shocker came later when I ejaculated. It seemed like it was only blood that came out. It was totally disgusting and I wasn’t prepared for that. It took a few weeks for that to clear up, gradually turning brownish and almost rust colour. Now, after 8 or so months, I sometimes still get blood coming out only after ejaculation, but only once in a while. Not sure if it’s related to the biopsy, but I never had that happen before the biopsy. Anyone else experience bleeding, occasionally, after such a long time after the biopsy? My results of the biopsy were fine, so was happy about that.

  10. Had one a couple of months ago and it went generally well, but wasn’t prepared for all the blood at the time of ejaculation which went on for about a month. I don’t like the sight of blood, so tossed my cookies a few times. I tested positive, so it was worth doing, as it took my Dad before his time.

    1. I have insisted I be asleep for this biopsy. That will spare me some of the shock. I will share my experience after 1-31-18. My brother has had it done several times in the doctors office. He didn’t complain much about it. So off we go with antibiotics and a Fleet Enema before it. This is coinciding with some other chronic medical problems they say I have.

    2. Richard I can certainly relate. Had a biopsy a week ago and yes the amount and color of blood at ejaculation was a scary surprise! Like you, prostate cancer took my Dad’s life at age 55, but sadly he had warnings from test but was complacent about acting on them which took a turn for the worse! Will get my results in about a week and praying for the best.

  11. How long can I expect to see blood, dark colored blood, in semen? It’s been more than three weeks since the biopsy. Getting annoyed.

  12. It is 3 days since my prostate biopsy, and I am having complications. First, I have groin and testicular pain. At times, the pain is too much to bear. Second, when urinating, the urine is NOT pink, it is filling the bowl with so much blood that the water in the toilet is brownish. I can NOT find any answers anywhere, and being a holiday weekend, can not contact my doctor. Is this a severe problem? What on earth is going wrong? I followed all the instruction that were given me to a tee. Yet, I am in pain and bleeding excessively.

    1. Very dark red or brown urine does not seem to be uncommon, even for a few days. But I don’t recall pain like you describe. I’d say it’s time to call the urologist’s after hours number or head into urgent care or ER if you can’t get a hold of them.

    2. I had mine July 10, 2017 at age 51. If i were you I’d, try see the doc tuesday morning. My urine and stool had some blood for 3-4 days, but it sounds like you’re having a lot more than expected. They would know for sure, not me.
      However, my experience was that it DOES stop…by 5 days my urine was clear, pain was managable, & crap normal.
      But, definitely tell them you’re having problems, today if possible. Best wishes, dude!

  13. Hi guys and any ladies present 🙂 I am a 60 year old male and having my biopsy done in four days. I have massively exhausted the internet trying to find out anything I can about this procedure. I have a friend of mine that has had this procedure done and he is freaking me out. I am pretty good about having medical procedures done but he is at the point of telling me to make sure I take a sedative to make sure I’m knocked out or at least knocked out as possible. I think the worst part of this is going to be waiting. I have looked at the symptoms and I agree I have a few of them. I have problems voiding completely when I pee I usually feel I’m not done yet. If I wait 20 or 30 seconds the second wave comes and I can feel more evacuated as they would say. Back pain yes I have felt lower back pain but I don’t know that that’s not from sleeping in a bad position or sitting for 12 hours at my job since I work 12-hour shifts or if it’s one of these symptoms. About a year ago which is when my doctor noticed the slight increase in my PSA I started drinking coffee. I have never been a coffee drinker and of course the coffee I drink has caffeine in it and I have been drinking between two to three cups of coffee a day but I have been exercising anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half a day three to four times a week and over the past year I have lost 30 to 35 lb. I am diabetic but my diabetes is a very well controlled and has been for four to five years. So yes I’m a little concerned when my PSA came back at 5.4 a month ago and my urologist had the test repeated and it came back at 3.7. None of my doctors my urologist or my primary care told me no sex before the test. And of course well I did and I’m beginning to think that might have had something to do with the results because I did read that sex can have an impact on the results but we will see what happens on the 2nd of August when I go in for my results of this biopsy.

  14. Hello, I had a biopsy 4 days ago, no real pain but plenty of embarrassment as the consultant allowed a gang of young female medical students in during the procedure without any warning. Anyway 2 weeks wait for results, psa levels went from 3 to 5.7 on one year.

  15. I am 66 and had my first biopsy due to continued high PSA and high velocity. My anal canal was first lubed with numbing gel. I had a sonogram first to measure the size of my prostate which turned out to be very large. There was no pain to this at all not even during insertion. I then had my prostate numbed, like with dental work, and the two pricks when the needles entered my prostate were the most pain I felt during the entire procedure, but it was not bad at all. This was followed by 12 needle biopsies. It was almost like feeling nothing. When the doctor snipped, his equipment made a snapping sound. I felt very little, however. It certainly wasn’t pain. After the biopsy was the worst. As soon as I turned from my side to my back, I immediately had blood flowing out my penis. The doctor had to apply pressure to stop the bleeding soaking up four large pad of gauze. The blood got all over me and the sheets. No one had prepared me for this possibility, and I can find nothing on-line that this is a possibility. He then left me with the nurse at which point I began bleeding copiously from the anus. The blood went everywhere. She had to keep washing it off my body. I had been able to leave my t-shirt on and the bottom of that got soaked in blood. She put pads in my underwear and sent me on my way. When, going out the door, I looked back at the bed I was on, it was covered in blood from top to bottom. At home there was only a little blood on the pad. Then came the worst part. I began having fecal incontinence with liquid stool. It would just flow out of me. I also had a lot of gas, so I never new if I was passing gas or liquid stool. Thankfully, I was able to keep things under control using pads. This continued to the end of the next day. Once I had a bowel movement, it stopped. I never had blood in my stool. I did have blood in my urine for the first day and the last time at bedtime, there were also clots. When I got up in the night, however, everything was clear. Ejaculation has been gross. I had a very thick and dark red semen. It was disgusting. If I have to have multiple ejaculations over a period of time (they told me two weeks) to clear this up, I am not looking forward to it. All in all, though, the biopsy was a piece of cake with no pain during or after the procedure.

  16. I had my first prostate biopsy back in 2008 at age 48 – it was such a negative experience that it really turned me off to the procedure and everything related to prostate cancer. Which is sad, because I had my second prostate biopsy today (at age 57) due to an alarming PSA of 16 – and I wish I’d had my PSA checked at least every 2-3 years, but alas, I did not.

    That said, I’m still in a positive mood about things, perhaps because my doctors have been better about the entire process: in the space of about 3 weeks I had a second PSA test (which was also very high), then I had an MRI scan, which appeared to confirm the presence of cancer (but also indicated that it was localized and there was no obvious metastasis), and my biopsy today was a “fusion biopsy” that used the MRI results to help the doctor target the problem regions. So it’s been a run of bad luck so far, but I feel like my doctors have been really good about handling the diagnosis and explaining things, and so far that has helped me a lot with my attitude and kept me from freaking out over stuff.

    I confess that I have issues with the term “fusion biopsy”, and I’m sorry to say that there seems to be a bit of marketing in all of the PC stuff. But using the MRI results to assist with the biopsy is such an obvious good idea that I’ll ignore the name.

    My 2nd biopsy was about 12 hours ago, so perhaps I’m being premature in writing all of this. But I have to say that it was not a difficult procedure, and so far there’s been very little pain.

    Regarding pain: I’m sure everyone has their own limits on pain tolerance, and that’s just life. I was unconscious under a light anesthetic for my 2nd biopsy, but was conscious with no pain meds for my 1st biopsy, and it was unpleasant, but honestly, I didn’t find it unduly painful. Perhaps because I had several kinky girlfriends when I was single 🙂 I’m not squeamish about ‘butt stuff’ (but I know that many men *are*)(and there’s nothing wrong with that!).

    My objections to my 1st biopsy stem largely from my doctor’s lack of sensitivity. For instance: a med student wandered into the room while he was performing the procedure, and the doc called her over to watch, and then asked me if it was okay if this person watched. There were a few things like that. And in the end, the results came back with 11 samples clean and 1 sample “indeterminate”. When the doctor suggested another biopsy, I was not impressed.

    To be clear: I’m not trying to blame anyone for my current situation. But I wish I’d been more vigilant about getting my PSA tested.

    I have to wait a week for the results, and that kind of thing is always tough. But I believe I’ve lucked on to having some very good doctors, and that helps a lot with my attitude.

    I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m posting my story here in hopes that it might help others: if even one person reads this and it helps them to avoid a serious entanglement with prostate cancer, then it’s totally worth the effort to post here.

  17. Had biopsy 10 days ago. Luckily my doctor posted the labs and it looks like all benign, so most likely BPH, thank God. Ejaculate looks like chocolate sauce still. They say can take up to six weeks. I’m fine with that if that’s all I have to worry about. I found the procedure not at all terrible. Slight discomfort at first but the needles were painless, I was expecting much worse. Felt a warm discomfort for about 8 hours, and I even went to work and sat through a long meeting. Blood in urine first couple times, none in stool. I guess I have a good doc. I would put people’s minds at ease about the biopsy. If there’s nothing there, you have peace of mind, if there is, you want to get it as early as possible. I’m 53, and advice to younger men like myself. If you have any signs of struggle peeing such as a weak stream and feeling like you are not quite empty after going, or if it’s intermittent stop and start and sometimes fine, other times difficult. Get checked out. Prostate cancer is very cureable and any side effects beat the alternative. It’s nothing to mess with and delay. My dad delayed and waited when he had symptoms of colon cancer and is now not with us. Be a man, get checked out. I had a cystoscopy prior to the biopsy that showed enlarged prostate that then triggered the biopsy even though my psa was only 3.47. Cystoscopy was also painless and I got to view the inside of my bladder. It’s not that bad, be a man and live life to its fullest. Peace to all, and God bless all those fighting this disease.

    1. The toughest part was awaiting the results, which I have a meeting with doc tomorrow to discuss. But luckily, the posted labs put my mind at ease a few days ago. Wish they had called and said all was ok. But that’s modern medicine for you.

  18. I’ve Had my 1st Prostate Biopsy because for age 53 it’s said that my PSA should be 2.5 I googled my PSA for my age .And it said 3.5 is normal . So after 12 Samples or Cores . My results were said to be Out of 12 , eleven came back Negative and One was a miss or , anomaly and or ASAP . So the Doctor said I would like for you to repeat the Process but next time we will do 18 Cores , Instead Of 12 .So needless to say my face was like ” What” So I went for a second appinion with another urologist that did the same Procedure . I explained everything to the Doctor , and he said No not to do the second Procedure . But instead to go for a special MRI specifically for the Prostate region . And all came back Negative…. So I Feel Pretty Good about The Out come ……

  19. I had my biobsy today. I was never told how long to wait to have an ejaculation if at all. I know what to expect, I just don’t know if it is a concern at all to have one too soon. Not that I am feeling that in the mood presently, just want to know. Thanks.

    1. They didn’t tell me either but I’ve read that you should wait 5-7 days and then other sites have said that you want to ejaculate often, whatever often means, to get the blood out and drink lots of fluids. Had my biopsy April 25th. Good luck.

  20. I have had above normal PSA for 3 years now so my consultant recommended the biopsy. Interestingly, my gp said definitely not needed as I am 46. I found the biopsy manageable, with the first insertion into my ass the sorest. After the biopsy, I had a v strong plain in my penis. Throbbing pain. I drank litres of water, and once I pee’d, the main relief was evident. My first bowel movement was literally a sea of red but my sense is the worst is over. I had a colonscopy last year and on balance i would say the Kleen prep drink you take before was worse than the above. I also should say i had an enrma today, one off visit to the bathroom. Swift and effective. Results in 2 weeks. Long time guys.

  21. My husband had a ten plate byopsy 28day ago and he still cannot pee without a catheter .He has a catheter with a tap he actually gets the sensation to be but nothing comes out with the use of a catheter.
    Look forward to similar stories

  22. I had a biopsy, and I had a pretty hard time with it. The pain for me was much more than I expected. (During, and after).
    I am now “Waiting” to see if I am going to become infected.(Sepsis). There is nothing to do but wait and see if you get infection in your entire “gut cavity”. (not to mention waiting on the results). not all the needles hurt, some not at all, others very much. Prepare for a day of burning butt, and much discomfort.. like sitting on a knife blade. I would advise people NOT TO DO THIS Biopsy, unless its a last resort. Go MRI First. The infection they talk about, is one where the cure is — you stay in the hospital as they IV you with Antibiotics… and sometimes, that doesn’t work. This is a hell of a risk, and one I didn’t ponder prior to doing this biopsy.

    1. I had biopsy and ended up with Sepsis..resulting in 6 day stay in urology ward on UV drip and catheter…….now 3 months later everything is working ok but I don’t have any feeling or sensitivity during intercourse and have never ejeculated unless with lengthy mastubation…ejeculation and passing water is still slightly uncomfortable…….I was borderline PSA results for a 60 year old would recommend anyone to demand a scan rather than allow them to perform a biopsy………it’s all down to cost

    2. I had a 12 needle biopsy yesterday. My PSA was elevated (4 last year and 8 a month ago) so I was scheduled for a biopsy almost two months later. I’m a two-time cancer survivor so I became concerned about the long wait. I insisted that we proceed in some way. They sent me in for an MRI, and it came back saying that I have cancer. The biopsy was embarrassing but relatively painless…less than a root canal or an extraction. I was a little uncomfortable by the time we got home, and the discomfort just kept getting worse. I had a really rough night, but woke this morning feeling chipper. Now the wait for the results.

  23. i had third biopsy about a week ago , and was definately the worst of the three , absoloutely horrendous, no way am i having another cancer or no cancer?, all the activity caused heamerroids which i dont suffer from felt like had been raped , dont do it ask for an mri

  24. After several months of high psa readings I declined a biopsy and opted for an MRI. The results indicated Cancer in the prostate. Then had a Trus Biopsy to confirm.This was done early December 2016.
    I religiously took the antibiotics 3 days before the operation and 3 days after.
    The operation was uneventful ,nurse continually talking and asking me questions,which was good.Actually took my mind off what was going on behind me.
    Had to go to the toilet immediately after the op and was pleased to see very little blood.Following days and then weeks very little if any blood.The first time I ejaculated didn’t look good.rusty colour seman ,which disappeared within couple weeks.
    I was advised 20th December2016 that I had Prostate Cancer.
    Now my decision is radiation or surgery or neither.Obviously,I have to take a punt with neither,as the Cancer could be aggressive . With surgery,if they get it all good,however,it’s the remaining future that has concerned me.After the surgery I am concerned about the Urinary trac. And are all other functions still operational or do you spend the rest of your life with incontinance and bladder problems with radiation.
    It appears they can zone in on the Cancer but after the surgery/radiation is my concern.
    Yes,doctors and the internet has been consulted and to me it’s a flip of the coin.
    Currently ,I am going about my business as usual.I will have further tests in May/June and hopefully the Cancer has not spread. Will advise further.

    1. Mr Jones, I am so sorry to hear this news. I’ve been fortunate to have avoided this diagnosis so far, but sometimes feel like it’s a ticking time bomb. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but wish you the best of luck in your treatment.

    2. I’m going to Jacksonville Florida to have proton radiation therapy which appears to be better than x-ray radiation Google it might be something better for you

  25. I had TRUS biopsies last week. It felt like a “root canal of my gizzards” even with lidocaine injections into the prostate. I personally would have liked a little demerol to ease the slight pain. I found the first 12h after the procedure slightly uncomfortable and found relief lying on my back taking pressure off the the prostate gland. One tab of oxycontin was also sufficient. There was blood in the stool one time, but blood in the urine and ejaculate for at least 1 week. The question is whether ejaculation helps eliminate blood in the ducts? I felt isolated after the procedure, but was happy not to have complications through the first week

  26. I had the Test and I am still in PAIN two months later. It feels like i am being electro shock in my Rectum. I am having lower back pain. Sometimes I can’t walk good. I know this sounds crazy , but I am telling the truth. I couldn’t even Walk yesterday for Thanksgiving. I went back to my regular doctor and told her about the pain. She gave me a prescription for TraMADol HCI 50MG which makes me SICK. I bled for almost two months. I am in bed right now because I am hurting so BAD. I don’t have real insurance so I have to wait months to go back to the Doctor. But I will be 62 in January and I guess I can geico Medicare and my Retirement. I can’t wait until I am 65 , I might not make it.
    Thank you for listening.

    1. Albert, my husband is having the same thing. It’s been about 8 weeks now ,and he is suffering in pain . Did you ever get answers.?Are you still in pain?

  27. Is it normal to have a lot of pain during and after urination? Just had biopsy today at 1…hurt like hell going to the bathroom!!

    1. Rick, I did not have pain like you describe. I’m not sure if it varies from person to person, or if that is an issue to raise with your doctor.

    2. Due to high PSA, I had my second prostate biopsy last Wednesday but had it under anesthesia at the hospital because the first time my urologist attempted to give me one at his office, he was unable get the probe inserted. He said that since I couldn’t “tolerate” the probe, the procedure would have to be done under anesthesia in a hospital. The first time, I had regular insurance that covered everything. Now I’m on Medicare and, although I won’t know for sure for a while, I believe they also cover everything. Thought this might be useful information for you for the future. You shouldn’t have to experience unbearable if it can be avoided.

  28. I had my biopsy last week. The pain was minimal and very brief, like a pin prick, barely worth mentioning. The only discomfort afterwards occurred as the local anesthetic was wearing off. I took some ibuprofen, laid down for a few minutes, and then spent a few hours in a reclining chair to keep pressure off my lower abdomen. I didn’t notice blood in my stool, though there could have been small amounts. In general there has been very little blood in my urine, only a small amount at the beginning of the stream . However, my first ejaculation was dark red. When I urinated afterward there was more blood and a clot followed. But after that, things went back to usual, with no blood in my urine or only a small amount at the beginning of the stream.

    1. Just had my biopsy on 3/9 and wasn’t told what to expect after it was over . I was content to read after your first ejaculation was dark red because mine was like that which had me wondering. No blood in urine but burning feeling while urinated and after. No blood in my stool. Still sore . Have the feeling of that probe being inserted. ill go back in a month for follow up.

  29. My dad has had a biopsy of the prostate and its 3 days later and he has terrible pain in the lower back day 4 pain still there what could this be ?

    1. No I don’t sorry. Most following here are also prostate biopsy survivors and don’t have medical training. If it was my dad, I would take him to the ER or urologist right away.

  30. My biopsy was absolutely painless and fast. 5 minutes from start to finish. No pain and the pressure was negligible and less instrusive than the doctors finger. Also have no blood in urine after the procedure for 2 days, only a small pink on toilet paper and nothing else. I hope that’s normal. Totally uneventful and nothing to fear guys but it may depend on the doctors.

    1. You have no idea how fortunate you were. I’ve been a competitive athlete for most of my life and have had three spinal surgeries, compound fractures, assorted contusions and broken bones.
      My biopsy which came back positive was one of the worst, most painful procedures I’ve ever experienced and had nothing but local anesthesia even though I called and requested sedation. The pain and pissing all hours on top of the psychological nightmares makes my recurring melanoma, squamous, and basal cell cancer lake in comparison and melanoma is incurable so the best you can be is NED.
      I have put off mohs surgery to remove a tumor below my eye because I can barely deal with this new cancer diagnosis which is stretching my ability to simply get through every day.
      My point is that having a prostate biopsy IS something you need to seriously consider and to always be your best advocate when it comes to healthcare, doctors and treatment options. It’s a really big deal, guys.
      Be careful and I’m sorry for anyone who has to go through this hell on wheels.

      1. TK it sounds like you’re really having a time. I had a 12 needle biopsy yesterday and before that had an MRI that said I have cancer. The biopsy was to provide more information. After reading many of these comments, I feel certain that the quality of care must vary widely. Sounds like several different procedures are used with varying degrees of success. As a two-time cancer survivor, I highly recommend that you do your homework before you lay down for any of these cancer-related MRIs, Ultrasounds, or Biopsies. Don’t be afraid of asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of reading. If you get a cancer diagnosis it is going to be a long rough ride before it is over no matter what treatment option they choose. Doctors are just people too. Some are better than others…but God Bless them…they have saved my life two times so far.

  31. Was following this as thought original post about template perineal prostate biopsy under general anesthetic , at least 50 samples taken but sadly hardly any info , . I have already had a 12 core biopsy but m awaiting the tenplate bioosy due to rising p s a level , 3.6 > 4.6 in one year age 56 . Also I suffer frequent urination , urgency , blood in urine , pain in back and lower abdomen , fatigue , weight loss etc . No family history of p c but my sister and mother both died young of mastesised breast cancer and I’ve read there is a link to brac1 and 2 . very concerned as have been waiting 6 months for my appointment for tenplate biopsy , when I ask urologist how much longer he says other men are waiting ,,!! Meanwhile my life is on hold with bad symptoms any advise appreciated please , Tia

  32. First of all, men most doctors are ignorant and arrogant to men’s feelings of modesty if any care to admit it. In a case like this where you’re being exposed ask for an all male staff when the appointment is made. Then contact the hospital or center where the procedure will be done to ensure your feelings are honored. If you don’t speak up they’ll do whatever they want and bring in whomever they want including an in mature childish pa. Stand up for yourselves. It’s your right .

    1. Had my biopsy yesterday.

      First, I was VERY apprehensive about a biopsy, mainly based on some of the posts I read on the internet.

      I had a young female nurse who explained the procedure, told me to take off my pants and shoes. She then gave me two antibiotic shots – one in each butt cheek. I don’t know why stripping in front of a female nurse didn’t bother me, as I am a quiet, reserved guy. I guess having my wife in the room was a calming presence? The nurse then positioned me on the exam table and notified the doctor that I was ready.

      Doc came in, talked about timeline for notification, and started. Worst part by far was insertion of the probe. After pin prick of anesthesia needle, I had no pain during the 12 cores.

      Afterward, the same nurse wiped my bottom several times. I got dressed and my wife and I went out to lunch.

      I might be unusual in that I had not blood in my urine or in my stool afterward. I guess everyone is different.

      Now just waiting for the results.

  33. I just had mine biopsied 4 days ago. The worst part of the procedure was the idiot PA in the room. The doctor was running late and the 28 yr old female was a new-hire who was just fascinated with clicking the needle like a charcoal lighter. No amount of stress exhibition made he even slightly aware of how her doing that was like dry firing the pistol that is going to be used in the prisoners execution. Great! My jewels and anus was on display for something my own daughter had not ever seen, and she was facsinated by her new ‘toy’. I desperately wanted to jump off that bed and kick her *ss….

  34. Had mine today. No blood when I went P. No pain with just numming gel. But feels like it burning tho. Maybe because I have hemorids or mayb justt normal to burn down there after.

  35. Procedure was a little uncomfortable , however approximately 2 hours afterward, my pain level escalated to about a 7. Kidney stones being a 10! (I’ve had K stones 3 times) Even though the pain moderated after 3-4 hours with the help of some pain melds, the next day I left work early. My abdomen is still quite sore.

    1. I had to take anti-inflammatories in the middle of the night to tolerate the pain after mine. By morning I was back to pretty much normal.

  36. The procedure was a breeze. No pain whatsoever, 12 samples and not very much blood. Is this what I worried about for a month? Definitely would not hesitate if needed again. The urologist and nurse cracked excellent jokes the whole time and they had to stop as I was laughing too hard. It pays to find a place with a sense of humor. At the start of urination there is a small amount of blood presumably from the prostatic ducts that get washed out during urination. No blood in stool today at least. TRUS looked normal, awaiting pathology now.

  37. Great blog, most helpful. Thanks all!
    Slowly elevating PSA here over the last couple of years (I’m 66), now at 4.1, but taking finesteride, so they say it is truly 8.2 PSA.
    Anyhew, they want to biopsy. Don’t mind the pain, but have had some prostate infections before over the years, with blood in semen and pee.
    Stopped coffee, which in my case really helped in easing prostate issues including soreness, bleeding.. Been great lately, and feel like …why do I really want to poke the hell out of my prostate for a highly controversial test.
    The question also is why not ask for an MRI guided, which sounds like it is more accurate? Perhaps it is more expensive and the plans don’t like that?

    1. LD
      I just had a Biopsy done in Florida using a(MP) MRI that is strong enough to see everything in the prostate and surrounding tissue. This new technology is state of the art and the urologist found three tumors, sampled the cores of each with precision. The cancer has a gleason of 6 and 7. intermeadiate. the cancer is contained in the prostate. My treatment will be non evasive MRI guided focal Laser Ablasion. Please research 3parametric Blue Lazer MRI in replace of the outdated Trus biopsy.

  38. What if you don’t have any bleeding whatsoever after a prostate biopsy procedure and then all of a sudden two weeks later it comes out of nowhere and you have a good amount of bleeding in the urine for a few hours and then nothing?

    1. Same situation. No blood in urine after procedure now 10 days later noticing blood at beginning of urination stream. No pain or discomfort but wonder if this is unusual. The biopsies came back normal. BPH was diagnosis.


    2. I would really like to know what happened in your case. This happened to my husband. His biopsy was 9 days ago. Everything went well until this morning when he had to leave work due to bleeding a lot during urination and searing pain. Went to Dr who was I. Surgery. Nurse did MRI & took urine sample & told us to get some Azo. Still haven’t heard back from Dr.

  39. Had a biopsy a couple of weeks ago, blood was coming out of my penis twice during the procedure. One of the people in the room reply that I lost a lot of blood. Does anyone know what would make blood shot out of your penis. This was my second biopsy.
    This didn’t happen during my first one.

  40. doctor wants to do another biospsy my last one was 4 years ago. the pain of the procedure does not bother me, it is the peeing of the blood afterward for days. the last time, the peeing of the blood hurt like hell. unbelievable, for days. that, so far, has kept me from going through with another biopsy. anyone else experience this?

  41. 62~ Just had my first prostate biopsy. I was given an epidural (weird!). No problems except it took several hours to pass urine comfortably. First ejaculation with lots of blood which was a shock. I was told to expect this! Hopefully this will clear soon! Apart from that no pain whatsoever. Have to wait 3-4 weeks for the results.

  42. I am 69 yrs old. During annual medical check up I also got PSA level checked up .It came 10. Got tested in another lab came 8.4 .
    Got KBU done– PVR insignificant. Semen analysis and urine culture analysis done — both normal. DRE — Normal .
    LFT and KFT — normal.
    No urinary problems .
    Urologist got MRI done – Likely BPH expected .
    Ultra Sound TR US biopsy done last week .
    Now after six days I have started urine dribbling ( 1-2 drops ) when I sit on the bed / put cross legs .
    Biopsy report expected in 3 days time .
    Is it normal effect after TR US biopsy.

    1. Iam 65 soon to be 66 VA psa reading 13 something Kaiser permanently psa reading 8 something. I had Prostate biospy yesterday do by VA the only discomfort was insertion of the probe, after that you only here clicks coming from the handle the doctor is holding and a little pressure, just focus on the results and not the process. This the day after and I had my first stool and there was no discomfort or blood, I haven’t had sex yet but if I do soon I’ll use a condom and asked mybwife not to look at the bag after I ejaculat this is my moment, when my wife use to have her monthly those were her private moments but anyway it’s behind me now and iam focusing on the results. If the doctor recommends the biopsy pray on it and do it. The difference is life or death the other stuff is just small talk.

  43. PSA levels always been around 7-8 had a couple of biopsies 5 years ago, now 59 and PSA has gone up to 15, so back in again. First biopsy not conclusive and has resulted in medical arguments, so last week had a template prostate biopsy ..
    This requires either general anaesthetic or epidural, I decided on the latter. The procedure went great but I’ve been very sore since, sitting is a problem and I have a small amount of blood in my urine and after a three days my ejaculate was all blood, now a week since the operation.

  44. Hey guys. I am 39. had my first biopsy after doing a test for PSA for hair treatment and found it was 14.1.
    Had streamlined investigations on the National Health Service UK. very quick. Had a cystoscopy, digital rectal exam, MRI a week later then biopsy two weeks later under general anaesthetic…very none painful at all. but feeling a little bruised.
    after day one there were blood clots in the urine..nothing large. and three days later, blood red ejaculate.

    Its been two weeks since then as I write this. No blood in urine now and the ejaculate is rusty red (which separates into a mixture of clear semen and light red rusty blood when you use the old white sock – sorry to be blunt but there is nothing to be squeamish about).

    I am fairly confident the ejaculate will return to normal hopefully within the next week/two weeks.

  45. I just had my 2nd biopsy this year. Although the 1st test was negative had to have a 2nd to be sure before being treated for low-T and a new test Onco-DX confirm 3 suspicious areas with my original samples. I will never do a local anesthesia again though. Very uncomfortable.

  46. I just had one on Wednesday….
    It’s Saturday now and there is not much blood in my urine..a little, very little..
    In my ejaculate it was absolutely dark red……..nuff said about that..I was just curious.
    Today though and what bothers me most, is I feel like my inside is scabbing over and it hurts as if it’s a scab on the outside and sore but it’s on the inside and achy ALL OVER.
    (if you sort of understand what I mean)
    I am a long distance runner and have a big race in 2 weeks..
    Im not sure…
    Find out the results on June 8th.

    1. P.S. The only reason that I got a biopsy was that my PSA went from 4.2 to 7.5 in 6 months.
      Had 0 symptoms, but my cholesterol was 500
      Odd thing is, Ive run 87000 miles since 1977…
      Even at 60 years old still running 35 miles a week…
      Oh well..
      Really internally sore today..even my gut hurts..like a hiatal hernia or something but it might be just the stress of the surgery.
      Blood is dissapating though

    2. Had my biopsy a week ago after my PSA had risen from 5 to 8 in a period of about 6 months. The procedure was relatively painless and the antibiotics prevented any infection. Blood in urine was virtually invisible but blood in the semen was another matter. I was very shocked at the sight of it. It was dark red and having seen it once I don’t really want to see it again. I am relieved to find that others have experienced the same thing, so I guess it’s a fairly common occurrence and nothing to worry about. Hope it goes away of its own accord soon, because until it does I don’t want to have sex with my partner. Expecting the results of the biopsy in a few days from now.

      1. Almost same exact experience here. First biopsy ever after PSA went from 2.1 to 5.3 in five months. After procedure, no blood in urine, or in stool, but semen seemed to be replaced by blood. Not pink but… blood red yet no unusual sensations. Two days have passed. Hope it subsides soon. Little sore in the prostate area when i sit. otherwise no pain to mention. Biopsy results pending.
        To my urologist’s credit, he warned me there would be a lot of blood in semen.

  47. By some standards I should have a biopsy.

    Every Urologist I have spoken to want to rush me through a “sales funnel” that feels more like a used vehicle lot than healthcare.

    But here is my hesitation, the prostate is a small sac, tiny really, that can be irrititated to the point of substantially raising PSA by such things as caffeine, hard bicycle seats, sex and prostate massage.

    And these folks want to moderately numb it, and despite causing bleeding, pain, incontentse, impotence and bloody pee, they want to jab it 15 times with a needle and take tissue samples which may, if they are lucky enough to hit it, find cancer, or may miss it altogether. And if puncturing this little tiny balloon 15 times isn’t enough, they ignore the idea that the little cancer sacs might now be ruptured and drug into the blood stream.

    This is a reasonable test?

    1. Hi Vern123,

      That is exactly why I started this blog. It sure seems like 1960s medicine to me. Personally, I’d be looking for a Urologist willing to do a 4K score, ProPSA, PCA3 test or other non-invasive test first, unless you have a very obvious issue from regular PSA test or physical exam.

      1. In spite of what OPKO Labs (4K Score) say, it doesn’t provide enough certainty to avoid a biopsy.

    2. The prostate is not a sac. It can not be ruptured. It is firm about the size of a walnut. It’s easy to find with a finger. The biopsy is usually performed with a ultrasound device with the needle attached. Puncturing the prostate will not release cancer cells

      1. Hi Leopold, Biopsy needle tracking or track seeding of cancer cells is a well documented phenomenon, not only for the prostate, but for other types of cancers. It does appear to be quite rare, but it is still possible.

  48. so what is normal for having blood in urine after biopsy? 4 days a week?im 4 days in and heavy flow of blood in my urnine still.

    1. Hi mikeb, I can’t speak for others, but I recall that I only had a small amount of blood in the urine for a day or two, and even then only at the start of a stream. The blood in the semen was much more pronounced and darker in my experience. I had read that it is not uncommon to have blood in the urine or stool for a few days after the procedure. I think that it’s probably worth at least a call to the doc since it’s been 4 days now, and certainly if it lasts a few more days.

    2. Same here. 4 days after biopsy and quite a bit of blood in urine, though sometimes it’s clear. I’ve read though that 2-10 days is typical.

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