What to Expect After Your Prostate Biopsy?

You’ll probably get a care sheet from your urologist.  Maybe you found a website with a list of possible side effects on the internet.  Beyond that, there aren’t a lot of reports with personal experiences from a prostate biopsy.  Probably for obvious reasons.  Most guys don’t want to talk about it.  Some are just too tough or too cool to tell it like it really is.  With a careful Google search, you can find some personal experiences on the procedure.  There are even a few horror stories.  If you’re squeamish when reading about unpleasant medical complications, STOP READING NOW!

According to the link above from the Mayo Clinic, here’s the original summary from 2009 of what to expect:

After a prostate biopsy, you’ll probably need to continue taking an antibiotic for a few days. You may feel slight soreness and have some light bleeding from your rectum. You may have blood in your urine or stools for a few days. You may also notice that your semen has a pinkish tint caused by a small amount of blood in your semen. This can last for more than a month.

The first part is pretty much right on the money, in my experience.  It’s that last part that may not be completely accurate.  In fact, a number of respectable institutions fail to mention this issue at all on their information.  Here’s the squeamish part.  A pinkish tint doesn’t begin to describe it.  Initially, we’re talking dark, blood red, as if you have a serious medical problem.  Now, there’s no pain or discomfort involved, the systems works just like normal in that regard, it’s just disconcerting to see it.  Your wife, girlfriend or other woman may not be as sympathetic about this sort of thing as you’d like, given that they have dealt with a similar issue since puberty.  Even so, you should probably consider having condoms on hand and using them.

This may not be the case with all men after a biopsy, but it doesn’t seem uncommon from what I’ve read.  I find it interesting that I wasn’t once told about this possibility and it wasn’t on my care sheet, either.  You’d think they’d at least mention it to avoid getting panic calls from guys who didn’t do a little research before the procedure.  Well, if you’re going for a biopsy, consider yourself warned.  Maybe it won’t happen to you.  I hope not!

Also see my guide for recovery, side effects and complications from my second biopsy, and read the hundreds of comments with personal experiences from other men below.

For those looking for worst case scenarios, like infections or spreading cancer, you can find that too.  These are some of the things that worried me enough to postpone my biopsy in the first place.  Some websites go overboard, perhaps trying to use fear as a motivator to get you to consider their alternatives.  It’s a powerful motivator, but however small, there are some serious risks that should be considered.  For most men, the complications are minimal.  A little pain, some blood and obviously the anxiety of waiting for results.  Nonetheless, I think patients should be made aware of all possible risks so they know if they need medical attention or not.

Originally published Mar 9, 2009. Minor update, March 9, 2019.

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  1. just had my 1st biopsy .12 samples taken. my psa was normal but i have a family history and unexplained blood in my urine. it was not as bad as i thought it would be. now the two week wait for the results.

  2. I had my 3rd biopsy 3 days ago. The last one before that was in Nov 2013 when I tested positive for prostate cancer. However my PSA has remained about the same between 7.4 and 10.7 so it has been a wait and see what happens. My first 2 biopsies were no pain, and problems after. I didn’t even care about doing the 3rd biopsy. They said at the VA that is the best way to tell what is going on with my Cancer. On my 3rd biopsy this week I did notice a little discomfort during the procedure but nothing painful and then when the medication wore off I was a little uncomfortable the first day. This time I have had some reactions that I didn’t have before. I have had blood in the urine several times and dark red blood in the semen as late as today. Glad to see it’s not that uncommon. Other than that I feel fine. I just wish that prostate cancer could be detected earier.

  3. I had my second biopsy two weeks ago. The first one was a complete nightmare. I fainted twice , once while I was on the table having it , and second while going back home. The worst medical experience in my life. Of course as it was not completed I had to repeat it , for a paeace of mind as an MRI showed a “high risk nodule” , whatever that is. Second round much better, I had something used for panick attack, some benzodizepine. Which helped me a lot. So Went trough the procedure w/o fainting again . But now my semen is red, not rusty as the doctor said, completely red. I was quite worry about it but reading this helped me a lot . I hope this goes away soon .. will see.
    Thanks guys for sharing. It is very helpful.

  4. I had my second biopsy about 18 months ago. The problem I am having is that about a week after the procedure, I started leaking urine. I am still having that problem now. Has anyone else had the same problem or know what can be done about it. When I leak it is usually very small amounts. I have noticed lately that the more water I drink The LESS i leak.

  5. Nearly two weeks have passed since my first biopsy, which I reluctantly agreed to after my PSA reached 5.2 late last year. Otherwise in fine health, aged 63, I was experiencing no urological difficulties and my prostate was not enlarged. Nonetheless, the biopsy came back positive (Gleason score 6), leaving me now to ponder next steps.

    The procedure itself was very uncomfortable and while the pain level was not excruciating, the image (and sound!) of repeated needle pokes into that part of one’s anatomy made it seem worse. I felt sore for more than a week afterward, urinating more frequently and bowels irregular. I am still on an antibiotic to ensure that there is no infection.

    The NYT story last fall about misuse of PSA scores was my first glimpse at the confusion that seems to surround treatment options. I’m looking for a medical consensus about what I should do but the medical narrative I see so far seems to be one of telling the patient, Look around, inform yourself, and tell us what you want to do. I do know this: if active surveillance means an annual biopsy, it will be a very unpleasant road.

  6. Good Evening,
    My name is Josef M. I am 48 years old and live in Spain.
    Last December 18, 2014 I did the second prostate biopsy. The previous year (December 2013) I was made the first one that was negative.
    The second time my PSA was 4.5 and my previous values were 2.9 and 3.6 in previous years. 32 g prostate. My digital rectal exam was normal but my father died 2 years ago from advanced prostate cancer detected when he was 62 years now three years ago.
    Well, this second biopsy which was made in saturation way with sedation has had negative result again. There was evidence of a small lump or nodule of about 5 mm detected by the previous RM, later heading to that area puncture biopsy. Apparently, the reason of the negative result of this nodule would be a hematoma or inflamed tissue.
    My question is clear. Do I have prostatitis, BPH, or both at once?
    My urologist prescribed me new PSA test within six months.
    It’s a relief but still am not 100% quiet. I do not want to risk wasting time dangerously for my health. What if the tiny tumor is still there and has not been detected? I do not know what to think. What´s your opinion? And the PCA3 would not be a useful alternative to detect or definitively rule out a tiny tumor? Should I get a biopsy every year until the malignant nodule appears?
    Thank you very much!

  7. My PSA levels are very low, however my prostate felt slightly unusual so a biopsy was recommended. Biopsy was rectal, needles to numb the pain were unusual. 3 of the 12 samples hurt, remaining 9 samples were uncomfortable. There was pain and discomfort for the rest of the day after the biopsy. Next day I was back to work doing OK. Urination and bowel movements were all normal next day. The problem was 4 days later. my semen was dark red, it looked pretty bad. 6 days later my semen is still very bloody, quite scary but not painful.

  8. January 25, 2015
    I had the biopsy due to my PSA jumping 2 points to 5.1 in the last 2 years. I was on testosterone injections due to it being low and I believe this caused my spike. The doctor took 14 samples. He said my prostate looked normal during the procedure. No noticeable bleeding in my urine or stool until 1/28. Had some bleeding in my stool but probably a result of having 3 bms in a 1 hour period. Results are due in a week.

  9. I had a MRI guided biopsy under sedation. A little bleeding with
    urination for a few hours after the procedure but none after
    that. A little discomfort in the groin area and slightly weaken-
    ed stream. This type of biopsy is a targeted approach, mraning
    they go right to the suspect area and take whatever samples
    they need. Haven’t received results yet, but hoping for the

  10. Can’t find anywhere online a story like my reaction to the biopsy.Was having some trouble emptying my bladder and of course at 64 my prostate is enlarged. Urologist did a PSA and found it elevated so he suggested a biopsy to rule out cancer. OK, doc whatever you think. Procedure itself wasn’t pleasant but nothing like what I’m going through now.

    They told me to watch out for a fever, which I did. Never had a fever. What I had instead was 2 sleepless nights of agony. When they had me come back in they drained 2.8L of urine from my bladder and sent me home with a catheter. That was 3 weeks ago. Every week they remove the catheter and send me home. 6 hours later I’m back and they drain my bladder again and send me home with a catheter shoved up me. The insertion of the catheter is 100 times worse than the biopsy ever was. Next week they’ll try to take it our again.Haven’t slept for more than 2 or 3 hours at a stretch in 3 weeks.

    Another fun side effect for me – I’m pretty much unable to have a bowel movement with the cath in. So for the few hours it’s out every week at least I can empty my bowels.

    In hindsight I would never have had the biopsy done. Results were benign anyway.

    1. I wished I would have happened upon this site prior to my biopsy.

      My symptoms closely parallel yours Chris. I’m 60 and was in for my annual exam that I have every 3 years or so. The PSA was a bit high at 6 and I thought, OK, Dr Urologist, you know what you’re doing so I’ll go ahead and get the darn thing (biopsy) done.

      I just have had my (sedated) colonoscopy done so I thought what the heck, how bad can it be?

      Day 1 after the procedure was sort of crappy until I started drinking water in earnest and then I felt a lot better.
      Days-2-5: great, no problems other than the normal amount of blood in the stool, urine, and semen.
      Day-6: I started to feel aching and feverish. I contacted the urologist’s office and he prescribes some antibiotics after 2 days of waiting for him to get back to me over the weekend, he prescribes some oral antibiotics. I remember reading something about if you get a fever while recovering from your biospy, get in to the doctor’s office or ER for some IV antibiotics.
      Then the hell begins. I can’t pass any urine and the small amount I do pass is so painful and burning that I’m in pure misery. What I didn’t know is that now I’m in retention and I’m up for like 23 hours a day in agony and I don’t know what to do.

      After 2 days, I ended up going to ER and getting a foley catheter which is the most painful thing that I’ve ever gone through! I could stand having that in for about 4 hours and then I had another ER pull it out. I contacted my urologist and he actually suggested that I remove the foley myself in the bathtub at home rather than having it taken out by a doctor. Can you believe that?

      Well, the retention did not abate and I my bladder again filled up with a good liter of urine so I went in to his office. I’m in crazy pain and discomfort and this point and he begins to discuss with my wife and I why I should schedule a TURP at my earliest convenience! I would have scheduled a frontal lobotomy at that point!

      I then graduated on the beloved speedi-cath catheters where I self-catheterized 3 times a day. Brother, that’s just something that you don’t get used to. My urologist said oh yeah, “some people have to do that for life.” Well thank the Lord that my retention has abated after 4-5 days and the spedi-caths are just a memory.

      After going online and doing research on treatment for BPH (my cancer tests came back negative), I decided to postpone the TURP (forever) and now I’m looking at PAE (prostatic arterial embolism) through a interventional radiologist which looks to be a lot whole lot less invasive that the “gold standard” TURP!

      My ongoing symptom is penile pain at the very end of my penis which began when the first nurse put in the first foley. It still hurts at lot after 3 weeks but at least I can get dressed. When that part of the anatomy is in a lot of pain, you’re just not going to be up for more.

      I really wish that I had done more to research what was involved in getting a biopsy because I would have never had one done!

      I noticed that your post was over 2 years old but I saw a lot in common between our experiences.

      I hope you’re feeling better Chris.

      1. Dave,

        I am going through the same thing . I had the prostrate biopsy last week and the pain was unbearable. I also had to go to the E/R to have a Foley catheter put and the pain was simply awful. They drained 2 liters of urine at that time. I had the catheter in for 5 days and I to couldn’t have a bowel movement with that in me. I had to have a bowel movement standing up which was quite challenging. I am still not peeing with a strong stream. I go often and get abut two ounces each time. Does anyone know how long it takes for the swelling in the Prostate to come down enough to have a normal pee.

  11. My Partner has had his PSA and it was 12.5 Dre was normal.He has had the Biopsy and MRI and awaiting results will not get them until Jan 7th.We are so worried.

  12. It’s been three years since my Prostatectomy and my PSA is still below 0.01. I hope everyone else is doing well also.

  13. Hello folks,

    60 year old with PSA once 14.8 then 9.5

    Hoping my little story may ring a bell or two.

    Painful urinating and ejaculations 5 months ago, treated for urine infection with a weeks worth of trimethoprim and it cleared it up. Couple of months later it came back and four different antibiotics including Trim didn’t work, though the Trim started to. Did a bit of research and concluded that my problem was due to a few months worth of strange sexual encounters. My partner’s enthusiasm seemed to overwhelm and intimidate me and I’d end up not ejaculating. This occurred on numerous occasions and Id have what is know as Blue Balls which apparently can lead to prostate congestion. My rare ejaculations are just a little bit of blood and not much else. My Urologist was going down the cancer route and Ive had the MRI, Endoscope, and yesterday the biopsy. With the camera up the penis he did find an angry patch at the exit of my bladder which he plans to clean up the week after next. I suppose this would explain the intense pain when peeing.

    Oh the biopsy: not really painful just unpleasant, the worst I think was actually having the object shoved up the backside. But I worry that taking 10 or so chunks of such a small gland will do permanent damage.

    I have read somewhere that there is a high definition MRI scan available that may be able to diagnose, any one had this done?

    Thanks for all your posts

  14. Additional to previous post. After 2 months of pain in testicles, scrotum, bladder area, ED that I never had a problem with until I got these tests (biopsy, cystoscopy). Check out Doctor ratings on the internet. See what people are saying about your Doctor before you get a biopsy.

  15. It all started with peeing what looked like pure blood. ER said severe UTI and BPH. Went to Family Doc, saw male NP. These Nurse Practitioners should not be sending people to specialists. They don’t know if their any good just because he knows them. The one I got sent to had many horrible reviews discovered after I went to him. I had my prostate biopsy 2 months ago at 61 years old. PSA 7.2, up from 4.5 6 months prior. Had 12 cores, each snap hurt like hell. He gave me 2 shots on the rectum that hurt and were supposed to numb it. I would never do it again without being knocked out. The numbing was a joke. Had blood in urine for 4 days, semen was brown for a couple weeks. Still a lot of pain in scrotum that wasn’t there before biopsy, I think he hit a nerve, painful erections now too. The semen is still not the same as before the biopsy, thin, watery. The thing he shoved up my hind end felt like it had sharp edges on it. Gave me a hemorrhoid from hell that I never had before. These guys that say it wasn’t that bad are either fibbing or got put out for it. I had 24 fractures in a motorcycle wreck, it’s a toss up over which was worse with the combined biopsy and cystoscopy. I know I’d rather take a beating than do it again. If you get one, wear old underwear for a few days, they get ruined.

    Had no cancer just BPH and prostatitis but since the Urologists got ahold of me I will never be the same. The biopsy wasn’t as bad as the cystoscopy a different Urologist gave me. These are the type of tests that in 100 years people will look back and think we were still in the dark ages in 2014. They want to do turp now, I don’t think so. Getting some relief with Saw Palmetto and Pygeum. If I don’t take them 3 times a day the stream gets weak. Usually have a good stream unless I get a little constipated, then in the night I stand there with a full bladder and just get a dribble, or less. If I give up and go back in 5-10 minutes it comes out much better but it sucks to have to wait in the middle of the night.

    Why do Urologists want to give you expensive meds that do the same thing older, cheaper drugs do? Does anyone think Jalyn, Rapaflo or Avodart is better than Proscar, Cardura or Flomax? Without prescription coverage there is about $170 a month difference, as I’m sure many of you know. I’m thinking about trying Proscar that a GP prescribed for me. Can anyone tell me if Proscar or another older drug worked for you?

  16. Just got my biopsy results. 5 of the 12 samples were positive; 2 @ 7 and 3 @ 6. I’ve got a consultation Monday with the pathologist at Winthrop Hospital in NY. My urologist, runs the urology department / cyber knife program there and I feel very confident that I’m in a good place as far as treatment options are concerned.

    Get it done Gentlemen. See your urologist, get your biopsy if there’s a question about elevated PSA levels. Thanks for the parsley tea tip. I don’t normally get up in the night; my issue is urine flow. I’ve been taking nettle and it’s had a positive effect. No ‘teenage’ urine flow mind you, but better, and that’s a good thing.

  17. I had my first biopsy two years ago and it was clear of cancer. A rising PSA in the meantime led to an MRI which found four lesions. Two days ago I had my second biopsy through the rectum and perineum, specifically targeted at these lesions. I am now waiting for the results but as early detection is the key to successful cancer treatment I am optimistic and expect to live long past my current 60 years.

  18. I’ve reached that magical age when I am entitled to have “69” on top of a cake and have just had my first prostate biopsy.

    I will definitely tell you that this is very low on my list of favourite things to do on a sunny Thursday morning, or any other day of the week regardless of the weather.

    Since I’ve had several colonoscopies I wasn’t too bothered by having a tube inserted into my rectum, but I definitely did not like the needles to administer the local anesthetic and the clicks from the tissue sampler were accompanied by painful jolts which I was thankful for there being only 8 in my case.

    The aftermath has so far –this is 24 hrs after– been rather uneventful until I discovered that I had semen that was such a bright red colour that I’m sure any children it might have produced would certainly been destined to be communists. It was this that led me to find this blog and the comforting assurance that what I had experienced was not a grave medical emergency.

    I would like to share something which will likely be helpful to the great many men who seem to have been experiencing frequent nighttime urination problems. I have been bothered by this for many years, but have discovered that making a tea out of fresh parsley and drinking this frequently in place of water helps reduce the repeated need to get up during the night to pee. It’s surprising because parsley is considered to be a diuretic, but somehow it does help.

    I prepare about a litre of this and keep it in the fridge to use whenever I feel like a drink. Since, it costs little, is easy to prepare, has almost no taste and seems to help, you might want to try it.

  19. I’m 60. I’m fit, I exercise regularly, run, bike. I watch what I eat, no red meat, have a glass of wine sparingly, and stay away from sugars and processed foods so I consider myself pretty healthy. I first started going to a Urologist at 40 as Prostate cancer runs in my family. My PSA was .07 when I first started. 20 years later it’s 3.7 (last test). I’ve been on Cardura 8mg/day for the last 18 years. I rarely get up in the middle of the night to urinate, but my urine flow is practically non existent. It’s been a week since my biopsy. The biopsy was uncomfortable but not painful (pleasant surprise). About 2 hours after the procedure being uncomfortable turned into a deep ache, and it started to intensify. A few tylenol and a nap left me feeling good, tired but good. Same side effects as the rest, blood in urine (just a bit), in my semen, and I was constipated for the first 3 days. I’m still a bit constipated after a week but I’m having regular bowel movements. I’m not fully ‘back’ so we’ll see how long it takes to get regular again. All in all not the least painless of procedures I’ve had, but I’ll take a colonoscopy and root canal over this any day. Waiting for my results next week. The biopsy was a non event, not horrible not great but it needed to get done. I did it for my family, and I’m glad I went ahead with the decision. Good luck to all of you and I hope I’ve shed some light on the procedure. It’s not so bad, I’ve had worse, so if you really need to have one done you should go ahead and do it. Start enjoying the rest of your life; It’s short enough as it is.

  20. I just returned home about two hrs. ago from my first prostate biopsy. Since I’m living in Germany I had the procedure here. All went well. My Urologist used a topical antithetic, so injection. The procedure was relatively painless and just a slight discomfort now. There was small spots of blood in my first stool. The doc said that there will be blood in my stools and urine for a while. As for the blood in my semen, he said that it would take at least 16-17 ejaculations for that to go away…so I thought I’d better a jump an that and get it done…:)
    He also said that there is a chance for infection, so I’m on anti-biotics to take care of that. I’ll post again if anything changes.

  21. Since I’ve found the info here useful I feel obligated to share my experience. I had my second biopsy this week. Oddly, it seemed more painful than the first, but nothing like knee replacement! I have the usual after-affects: slight blood in urine, blood red ejaculation, sense of dull pain or simply discomfort…first biopsy I had a major infection–in the hospital for four days, then home with a daily IV of anti-biotics. I am hoping that does not happen this time. I had stronger and longer anti-biotic prep this time. If you strike a fever don’t mess around with it–call the doc or go to the ER. Good Luck All!

  22. Curious as to whether after prostate removal, you can still receive testosterone pellets implantation? Currently receive because of testicle removal 4 years ago.

  23. TD,
    I’m sorry to hear you are going through this.
    I am feeling close to pre-biopsy health at 7 months since my biopsy but it has been a rough road.
    I hope things improve for you very soon.
    No one talks about the depression after the biopsy, but I was experiencing it, especially because the healing was taking such a long time and is painful.
    Eating right and exercise made a huge difference in my recovery. It keeps your mind occupied and helps your body heal faster.
    Good luck on your recovery.
    That was my first biopsy. I will not have another one.

  24. After 3 weeks since Prostrate Biopsy, have had weird sensations and burning. It feels as though something is squeezing by prostrate as I can feel it as it must be huge. Not sure if it means anything however bowel movements are thin, passed gas for the first time in three weeks and that was also weird. Ejaculation has been dry nothing at 4 times as I am now concerned that there is more going on here. Having trouble urinating as it takes so long and the pain radiates from my prostrate and anus thru the urethra, prior to and during urination (sp). I could possibly have an infection. I would also like to know what exactly was in the lidocaine injections that numbed the two halves of the prostrate for the (needle) snapping part of the sampling. I may be allergic to it.
    Need to urinate twice a night however that takes forever and am taking flowmax and that does nothing. In a bad way. This is my 2nd biopsy as the first one was 7 years ago and I did not experience any of the pain or any of these other issues or side effects. I think an MRI will be the way to go next time as I am in total agony. Or maybe right now! Urinary retention is not a good thing either.

  25. 5 months post biopsy and I am beginning to think I made the wrong choice with the biopsy.

    *Need to urinate 3-4 times a night
    * frequent prostate infections causing me to be on anti-biotics most of the time.
    *burning, dull ache and stiging sensations from the infections.
    * general unhealthy feeling

    I had none of the conditions pre-biopsy.

    I’m not sure this procedure was a good choice for me.

  26. I wanted to post my experience with the prostate biopsy
    of March 19.

    1. I took 1 mg Ativan 1.5 hours before the procedure.
    This greatly helped with anxiety and relaxation.

    2. The nurse explained procedure and showed me
    all the instruments to be used. I always like
    to know what goes on.

    3. The urologist did a DRE prior and placed some Lidocane
    in side the rectum prior to the insertion of the sampling
    and needle gun. This helped on reducing any feeling
    of the insertion of the ultrasound unit.

    4. Tom was correct, I felt two slite pricks similar to a
    blood sample draw for the Lidocain. It took about
    1.5 minutes for it to become active. The pain level
    from this was a 1-2 (10 scale). He looked around
    at the prostate with ultrasound to determine any
    suspicious potential cancer tumors.

    5. Then he proceded to take 10 samples for pathology.
    I felt only a slite prick of no more than a 1.0 pain
    level in all the areas he sampled. This was much
    better than I had expected. The noise of the
    gun sample was more than the sample itself.

    6. The total time for the procedure was 10 minutes.

    7. MY wife was there during the procedure and drove me home

    8. I was a little sore (pain level 4-5) after the procedure
    and took 1 tablet of Vicoden. It resolved the next day.

    9. No bleeding in the urine. Some bleeding in the rectum
    that lasted 2 days. All normal

    10. Listen to all the do’s and don’t’s that the doctor gives
    your wife after the procedure.
    No lifting, to major walks, No sex for a week.
    No No gym for a few days.

    11. I did try masturbating at 7 days. Blood in the urine.
    All normal according to doctor. It was sensitive after
    this test. So will watch when I do the next test
    prior to intercourse.

    12. It will take 6-8 weeks to clean out the system and
    return to normal.

    In summary I felt this was a worthwhile procedure and it
    does save lives. Pathology results no cancer.


  27. Just to update my post of March 8th.

    My urologist told me this morning that despite my PSA of 10.9, I do not have Cancer !!

    He told me that the elevated PSA is the result of inflamed prostate. I will undergo periodic PSA testing, every 6 months.

    Does anyone out there know of any test that measures a normal vs inflamed prostate?

    It’s been 15 days since my biopsy and my urine is still reddish/bloody, esp the 1st flow. The Dr. took my urinalysis and also prescribed Cipro for 7 days.

    In the future, if I still have an elevated PSA, I will opt for MRI first before I will undergo another biopsy !!

  28. Had a prostate biopsy 5days ago…no blood in urine or fecal matter…had an orgasm of dark purple blood….freaked for awhile then saw it happened to others…getting over it but still freaked…was expecting a spot of blood not all blood….need to wait awhile to try again….had a great doctor and nurse…no pain…and no cancer….

  29. I am now 68 years old and have have just recently undergone my 4th biopsy. I stumbled upon this blog as I am preparing myself psychologically if I have the Big C. 5 days ago, I had my 4th Trans-Rectal Biopsy. My PSA is now 10.9 having gone up from 6 to 7 to 9.9, all of those times I underwent biopsies. My previous results have all been Negative, and sometimes I think PSA’s and Biopsy’s are overblown, but these previous tests have reassured me I am clean.

    Thanks to all of you who have shared your experiences.

    Only Lidocaine was used to numb me during the procedure; what helped me a lot was breathing out aloud to mask the pain, though it was tolerable, I would rate 4 out of 10. After the procedure, I was woozy; my son drove me home, and promptly took a 3 hour nap. Just a little reddish urine, but I’ve gone back to work on day 2.

    My urologist originally suggested Urethra biopsy (through the penis) because the 3x I’ve had Rectal biopsy they were negative, so this time he wanted to be more Invasive, but when I asked him the side effects of Urethra biopsy, he told me Dry Semen or possible Incontinence. I asked if those would be temporary, and he safely said they could be Permanent.

    I went for a 2nd opinion, and this other physician suggested that I go through MRI first, and then Rectal biopsy.

    My MRI came back with a small area within my prostate that is Indeterminate (or suspicious), and the Pathologist suggested that the biopsy be concentrated in that area.

    So my suggestion to all of you is to do what I did, though the MRI set me back $150 co-pay. But I believe it was worth it as the Dr. now knows where to take most of the sample tissues.

    So now I’m waiting for my results of my 4th biopsy.

  30. Back from vacation and got results. Not good. Out of 12 samples taken 6 tested pos. gleasons were high(2-6s, 3-7s, and 1-8. Guys, I have prostate cancer. A prostatectomy is about the only option for me. This gos to show you that its always good to begin getting checked early. Im 60 and began at 50. This procedure(the biopsy) is quite an experiance but negative effects leave within a few days to a week. Don’t worry, get it done and hope for the best. The biopsy, for me, was only the tip of the iceberg!

  31. I’m 47 yrs old. Last year had PSA of 4.2. Family doctor not concerned. Year later now 6.5. My brother (62) was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had robotic surgery to remove this past Dec. I was certain my results would be positive. To my surprise it was negative. Have to return in 6 months for another PSA. Biopsy was done while I was asleep, so it was easy. Had some pain after which Advil relieved. Next day I worked from home because I felt dizzy. Had blood in urine really bad the first 24 hrs. Still seeing some occasionally even today. Try sex today and semen was really bloody. Kinda scare me a bit. Hope this helps anyone considering the procedure. I have family history and my PSA went nuts yr/over/yr but I’m fine. Good luck!

  32. thanks to each of you who commented on their prostate biopsy experience. It has helped me
    with the unknown. I will do mine with Ativan and Lidocaine March 19. Will share
    my experience. The main thing I have to keep in mind is that This is a preventative
    approach and I want to know if a problem does exist and it can be treated,

  33. Update to 2/18 biopsy. Doctor office called 2/21 , results were negative. Doctor says to do another PSA in about 3 months.

  34. Hello, 61 yrs old, biopsy done 2/18, 3:00 pm. I was done by 3:15 pm, psa jumped from 3.7 to 8.3 then to 6.0 within a months time
    – try to empty your bladder before the procedure. for some
    reason after the procedure, urination was a little slow
    – fleet enema 2 hours prior to procedure. Be sure to do the enema 2 hours before procedure because you may have
    several bowel movements. This will give you time to
    finish the movements before the procedure
    – insertion of the ultra sound camera was uncomfortable and somewhat painful but bearable
    – taking the 8 tissue samples was barely noticeable and
    not painful
    – 30 mins after procedure, had a bloody bowel movement, luckily was wearing a pad that doctor provided
    – 30 mins later had another bloody movement
    – urinated frequently but seem to not empty bladder completely. urine looked normal yellow, no blood
    – next day, urine still looks normal
    – after procedure, anus was sore for about 5 hours
    – next day, urine still looked normal
    – doctor expects results in about a week

  35. Well,
    After reading and digesting this entire thread, I think Raymond T and a few others have it right..
    Quick history.. I’m 52, in good health, NO history in my family on either side of any type of cancer at all.. I’m having no problems with frequent urination, pain etc…
    Wanted to try hormone replacement therapy for a falling T number and to feel better.. PSA turns up 3.3.HRT doc says 2.5 or lower is cutoff
    Do a little research and find 0-4 is considered normal BUT, when I visit a urologist he recommends a biopsy (of course) even though the DRE was normal also.. Take a few more PSA blood tests over the next 6 months and numbers fluctuate between 3.0 and 3.6..
    So, what to do, and why is a biopsy almost a “knee jerk” reaction to an otherwise normal PSA reading?
    I know it is costly, but wouldn’t an MRI be the superior test? It’s always ordered AFTER anything comes back suspicious..
    It seems to me the fear of cancer is leading to an incredible number of invasive procedures for no apparent reason. Isn’t a slowing rising PSA number incredibly NORMAL as we age? If you live long enough, BPH is in your future as a man..
    I’ve decided on an MRI.. appears to be the least invasive and the most conclusive.. If the MRI says no cancer, I’m not going to worry about it again..It’ll hurt my wallet but that is all..
    Yes, I’ll check my PSA once a year but unless I see a drastic jump, why do anything? I’m really not a gambler but more of a realist.. Somewhere along the line, the urologists have had a seminar or two where some poor guy had runaway cancer with a PSA of 1.4… Soooooo to prevent any lawsuits, everybody gets a biopsy…Augh..

  36. Sorry…..for #2 I meant to type “undignified”. There was nothing undignified in the position I was in during the procedure-something I worried about.

  37. Ed (and everyone else),

    I had my first and hopefully only biopsy on 2/14. I think I can run down your list pretty quick.

    1. I wasn’t offered a “relaxer” of any kind but in hindsight, it wouldn’t be necessary unless you are extremely nervous.
    2. Lidocaine was used (and worked well).
    3. Procedure starts. Doctor swept in within a minute or two of me laying on table (laying on left side in a curl – nothing I dignified) and started. There was a slight pinch when probe/tube was entered – i think a small flap of tissue got caught but then no pain……just something resting in your bottom.
    4) I expected to feel the lidocaine (similar to a shot at the dentist) but I truly felt nothing except the slight repositioning of the tube so the doctor could shoot multiple sites. No pain though.
    5) Lidocaine effects almost immediatly.
    6) Pain scale. 1-2 if that. The needle mechanism is way louder than you would think. The doctor took 15 samples on me. I felt nothing on the first 10 and on the final 5, I felt pressure but no real pain. The tube was immediately removed.
    7) I took 2 Extra strength Tylenol when I got home. Thru the next 24 hours I’ve needed nothing more.
    8) I’m sure this varies from person to person but I was told no strenuous activity until the blood in urine and movements have stopped. I feel pretty “normal” already. I’m planning on my usual Wednesday and Friday morning basketball games 5 days after procedure. Blood in urine was barely perceptible other than a few faint drops at the beginning of flow. Expect a fair amount of blood in first movement if on same day as procedure – there is just going to be fresh blood in the rectal area because of the sample taking.
    9) from what I’ve read, #9 is based pretty much on how soon you feel like it and if you are mentally prepared to see bright red semen.

    I’m 53, several years of consistent PSAs under 2, but my doctor found a tiny bump on my annual physical and recommended I get it checked. There’s only one way to know for sure so to echo the message from so many others – man up and get it done. It was less than 10 minutes of what I would call a minor annoyance. The anticipation anxiety was far worse than the procedure.

    Good luck to Ed and all others.

  38. Ed,

    I’d suggest you request having the procedure done under sedation. The Ativan doesn’t help with pain, just relaxes you. The lidocaine may not work on you.

  39. Hello

    I need some help on prostate biopsy procedures. I do
    not do well with pain (low tolerance).
    My urologist explained the procedure after I mentioned
    I do not do good with pain. Actually I am freaked out by this
    procedure. Any help in easing my concerns would be
    greatly appreciated.

    1. He gives a tablet of Ativan (anti anxiety/sedative effect)
    1 hour prior to the procedure. Says it will make you
    like drunk.

    2. Uses lidocaine to deaden the tissue and prostate

    3. Then starts the procedure.

    4. Do you feel the needle entering you for the lidocaine
    What is the pain level to expect (0-10 scale)

    5. How long does it take to deaden the tissue.

    6. As the prostate tube gun is placed and is fired
    will I feel any pain after the Ativan and lidocaine
    have taken effect? Pain scale 0-10?

    7. The evening after the procedure will I feel pain
    What pain meds should I request ie Vicoden/Tylenol

    8. How many days after the procedure will I feel normal.

    9. When can I resume normal sexual activity.

    I would sure appreciate any of your experiences.

    Thanks. Ed Sieckert

    1. Can’t help you with 1-6 since I was given a general, but for #7-8 not that bad and normal within a day or two, cept for the blood in semen that lasted a number of days. I think you can technically resume within a day or two if you don’t mind the color.

  40. Two days ago I had a biopsy under sedation at the hospital. It is the only way to go if you have to have a biopsy! I had one 5 years ago under local only and it was the worst, most painful experience of my life.
    The first biopsy five years ago was performed at the urologist’s medical facility. After waiting an hour past my scheduled time in the waiting room, I was brought back to a procedure room where I was handed a paper napkin, told to strip from the waist down and have a seat. Another hour went by and I saw no one. Then one after another, medical staff kept coming into the room trying to find the glide or slide needed to do the procedure. Finally my doctor came in, found what he needed and told me to lie down on the table. The nurses put a condom over the huge probe while the doctor lubed me. I handled the insertion and, the shot of the numbing agent without much problem. However, when the biopsy gun went off I about jumped off the table. I thought it would get better, but it got progressively worse. After the twelve samples were taken, the doctor told me I could wipe off the blood with the paper napkin, get dressed and leave. I was in considerable pain for the next 24 hours and then the side affects were much the same as discussed in this forum.
    This time I received wonderful care at the hospital. I came out of the anesthesia quickly and in little pain. I had a lot more blood in my urine than I did before, but after 30 hours it has cleared up.
    Again, my suggestion if you have to have this is to do it at a hospital, under anesthesia.

  41. Had my biopsy 4 days ago. Blood in urine comes and goes. Tomorrow I leave on a 11 day cruise and am full of anxiety. I haven’t ejaculated yet but now I really don’t want to after reading all these posts! I haven’t noticed a significant amount of blood in stool but this bloody urine has me a little worried. As for my procedure, it was much worse than expected as it was explained to me ahead of time to be “no big deal”. Almost all 12 sticks hurt with the last 2 feeling like they came out the front of my penis! Yeeoow! My family (Father and 2 brothers) have history of prostate problems. Only one bro with small amt of ca. Looks like no results until I get back from the Carrib.

  42. I am 55 and I just had my first prostate biopsy 9 days ago. Some of my post-biopsy side-effects were of greater magnitude than what I expected, as many others here have reported. That is why I searched for and found a site like this. Thank you everyone who has posted. It is comforting to know that ejaculating ketchup is not out of the question and does not mean I should run to the ER. A note to those who are reading this before their biopsy. Notice above where I said “that is why I searched for and found a site like this”. If I had experienced nothing more that a few drops of blood at the start of urination for a few days, I wouldn’t have bothered to seek out a site like this. So, although the information here is extremely valuable, put it in context. For every person posting here reporting disturbing effects, there might be a hundred — almost certainly a dozen or more — who never experienced anything beyond what they were told to expect. Hopefully, and probably, you will be one of those.

  43. Had biopsy two weeks ago, psa at 4.5 age 56, after a routine blood test, if anyone is waiting a biopsy don’t stress too much it’s not that bad, certainly bearable, I kept a positive attitude even managing a few jokes through the procedure, pain is minimal just a bit uncomfortable, so don’t worry ( very easy to say I know) but you will be in and out in 20 minutes , I went for a pint after with some mates two hrs later, results negative one week later, so even with a psa above 4 you can still get the negative result, there’s worse things than a biopsy.

    Next psa test in 4 months all of us on this journey must keep strong and positive

  44. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your post and hope your results come back negative.

    My doc did mention intense bike riding could raise your level significantly, that and caffeine.

    Like you pretty much never had any physicals done so was long over due. Turning 50 end of month so went in for a check up and blood test couple of weeks ago and PSA came back 8.2 so went to urologist and he felt a hard spot on one side of prostate.

    He was going to have me quit coffee drinking (3 cups a day plus diet cokes) and take it easy for a couple of weeks and retest PSA to see if it went down at all.

    Told him my dad had prostate cancer (albeit he was 72 at the time) and 42 radiation treatments so even if PSA did go down would want to know what it is for peace of mind or to get rolling to get something done.

    Definitely not looking forward to biopsy but from what you’ve written and what I’ve read elsewhere doesn’t sound too bad.

    Was debating as to whether should go back to work afterwards what do you think? I just sit at a computer all day so nothing physical.

    Good news is from what have been reading sounds like vast majority are “curable” if caught early and even some more advanced cases can be cured as well with more aggressive treatment.

    Think will ask for pain pills too my doctor didn’t mention that, do you mind if ask what you were prescribed? Was thinking might need a few to be able to get to sleep if feeling uncomfortable. Broke a finger last year and had to have plate and screws put in and that’s what used them for then.

    Also, think my doc is just going to give me a local as opposed to anesthesia which is interesting.

    Doc said it could take 5-6 days to get results back which will be nail biting time. I’m going in on a Friday for biopsy so not sure if they work on weekends.

    At least we’re lucky to have found about it and get proactive before it could’ve gotten worse.

    Personally have no idea how long the bump has been there could’ve been 25 years as far as I know? Last time had a blood test or rectal examine was a couple years out of college.

    Anyway, will say a prayer that you’re negative or going to come out of it completely cured.

    God Bless,

  45. Hello, I’m 48 and a week ago I had a long over due physical. Wed Jan 8th my FP said my Prostate was not overly large but very hard. As you know a normal PSA is 0 to 4, mine was 26.4. I was referred to a urologist/surgen with-in a day and saw him on Fri Jan 10th. Being that I am rather young for this he was very concerened. He suggested a biopsy which was done on that coming Monday Jan 13th in the morning. The side affects of the biopsy were as discribed above, BM was actualy normal, first urine in the morning was a little red. Semien was bloody. Pain was minnimal and was done at Central Minnesota Surgical Center here in St. Cloud, MN. Dr. Maxwell and staff were great. I live very healthy and take care of myself. Dr Maxwell said it really dosent matter what you do, some develop problems and others dont, no one really knows why. I like my coffee and I do a lot of biking durring the summer.

    By the way, I was completly out for the procedure and awaken by the nurse. They had my on an IV with antibiotics and salene prior to rolling me into the OR. Pain pills perscribed and only taken yesterday for the discomfort. Today just tired and feeling a bit out of it. yet ok. Now the waiting game until I get the results which could be Wed or Thur this week. I will keep you updated on the results.

  46. I recently have gone through the biopsy/ surgery thing for prostate cancer. It is a nasty situation with NO good options. Not doing anything is the easiest action at the start but death may await those choosing this option and I am told it is not an easy way to go. Keep that in mind as you read all the reports. I have sensed that every case is different so all these reports won’t give you an accurate example of what your case may be. The biopsy is not a pleasant experience by any means, don’t expect it or the after effects to be anything else. Blood in semen is an understated problem, but unavoidable when you consider your sex organ is now a pin cushion. “Blood” turned to chocolate color after a week or so. Surgery is a least of two evils (death from cancer) option. Surgery is easy, the results are debilitating and life changing. Even at 65, the loss of sexual function is not a minor side effect even if you think you are pretty much over that part of life’s experiences. Worse than that is the very real possibility of urinary incontinence of which there is no guarantee. After three weeks post surgery, mine is acceptable according to the medical folks but NOT to me! I hope and pray my body can continue to improve upon this daily functional need. I am told three months to a year to the final result there whatever it might be. If you need to go down this trail, and there may be no other choice, prepare your mind for what is to come after.

  47. Ok, It’s a month post biopsy.

    Everything is pretty much back to normal.
    No blood in semen or urine.
    I still have some discomfort in my abdomen if I weight train too hard but otherwise I am exercising hard with no problems.

    Although it was necessary for me to have this procedure so I would know one way or the other, I am sorry they have not found a less invasive way to diagnose PCa.

    Hopefully, technology will soon advance enough to slow the unnecessary biopsy of so many men.

    It’s been a hard year for me physically and psychologically.
    I’m fortunate and wiser now.

    The best of luck to those diagnosed with PCa.
    Your chances are very, very good that it will be treated and you will have a long and happy life.
    Thanks again for everyone’s help,

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