More PSA Tests

My PSA has risen to 4.4 as of my most recent test, roughly 10% above the test over a year ago.  Anything over 4 is officially considered high for my age group.   My PSA has been rising almost 10% a year on average for almost 9 years.  Best I can tell, this simply means that my prostate has been growing almost 10% a year, most likely due to a common benign condition known as BPH.  A sudden increase on PSA or detection of lumps on a DRE by a physician would likely lead to additional testing.

PSA testing is still controversial, with new studies and policies recommending against routine testing.  There are also experts who still think it is a valuable tool, highlighted by Ben Stiller’s recent comments.

One problem with the PSA test is that it often suggests that men have prostate cancer when they do not have cancer, according to the USPSTF. About 75 percent of men with abnormally high levels of PSA do not have cancer. These so-called false positive results can lead to anxiety and unnecessary follow-up tests, the USPSTF says.