3T MRI Diffusion/Spectroscopy Results

I have a summary of results from my 3 Tesla high resolution MRI, given to me by one of Dr. Pinto’s associates.  I am told this included a T2-weighted (T2W) 3T MRI scan.  If I understood correctly, they also took scans with spectroscopy (MRIS) and then with diffusion weighting (DWI) as well and finished with contrast enhanced (CE) images that I assume related to the injection I was given.  I was told the report indicated that there were no suspicious lesions whatsoever(!).   The only finding was a pattern consistent with prostatitis (non-malignant infection or inflammation of the prostate).  Very good news, but again it’s an experimental trial so it can’t rule out prostate cancer.  I was also told that the radiologist, Dr. Choyke ,consulted with the urologist I saw yesterday, Dr. Pinto.  Having been advised of the ultrasound findings I gave them, I have the impression that the radiologists took a second look at the area in question.  They apparently decided that there may be one area of interest, but deemed it very low risk.  So, I will proceed with biopsy tomorrow, including a “fusion” biopsy targeting the one suspicious area.

I am hopeful the biopsy will be negative and that all I have is indeed prostatitis.  Of course, even a negative biopsy report is not enough to rule out cancer and this has been the basis of my blog.  On the other hand, I’m at the point where the only other alternative available to me is “watchful waiting”.  So, I decided to have the biopsy and pray it will help to put my mind at ease.   After all, I’m already admitted to the NIH, it will be done in an OR and under mild sedation.  Plus, it’s free.   Combined with the targeted fusion system, it’s a more comprehensive alternative compared to a typical outpatient prostate biopsy procedure.  Assuming the biopsy is negative, I would then still continue with routine PSA/DRE at my checkups to make sure nothing changes, but I will do so knowing that no available test could confirm the presence of cancer.

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