4KScore Blood Test for Prostate Cancer Risk

I have now had two negative prostate biopsy results.  My urologist is still concerned that my PSA is steadily increasing.  The percentage increase has been fairly constant each year over the last decade, roughly doubling in the first 10 years since this blog started.  Even so, he advised me to take the 4KScore blood test.  It uses various factors, including  various PSA and bio markers in the blood, plus your clinical history including biopsy and DRE results.

My score came back with an Elevated Risk of 13% to find a high grade cancer if I had another biopsy.  In looking over my results, I noticed it indicated I had no previous biopsy.  I called my physician’s office and they said it did not make any difference to the test results.  I had previously read in some papers on the topic that a previous negative biopsy was a major factor in these results.  So, I contacted Genpath Laboratories (of BioReference/OPKO Health) and they agreed to contact my physician and recalculate the result.

The revised 4KScore indicated a Low Risk of 2%.  So, it is always a good idea to carefully examine your test reports since this test will be a basis for future 4KScore results that in theory may allow me to avoid or at least postpone another biopsy.

I also note that as of late 2021 my PSA was measured at 5.53, up from 5.15 in 2018.  The rate of increase has slowed somewhat from over 7% each year through 2018 to about 3% a year since then.  I am due for another test soon and still expect it to be under 6.

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