MRI Images Fast!

After I got home from my trip to the NIH, I faxed in the form needed to get a copy of my MRI results.  Three business days later, I received a packet in the mail with a paper copy of my MRI report, X-ray report, blood tests, urine tests and other lab results (the biopsy pathology report can take 2-3 weeks). 

The best part?  A custom labeled DVD with almost 1400 images from my MRI exam, complete with an included viewer.  This is what I expected from my $950 ultrasound, but ended up with 5 still photos that almost completely failed to document the “3D/4D” ultrasound I was supposedly given.

I can’t interpret the MRI images any more than I could interpret the ultrasound images, but at least I have them for reference if I ever need them.  As I expected, the limited ultrasound images were not very helpful to the urologist or radiologist at the NIH.  So, for anyone considering any type of prostate ultrasound (colorflow, color doppler, power doppler, 3D, 4D etc) or  MRI (MRSI, MRIS, spectroscopy, diffusion weighted, contrast enhanced, T2-weighted, 3T, etc), be absolutely sure to ask what types of images you will receive.  If you aren’t happy with the response, you should probably look for another physician, especially if you are paying for the service up front.

Anyay, for as much flak most government agencies get in regards to efficiency and customer service, I am pretty impressed with the NIH.

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