A Story of PSA Levels

I’m already a couple months into my adventure with prostate health, but it began well over a year ago.  Back in late 2007, I had a routine physical at my wife’s urging.  I wasn’t quite 40 at the time.  I had no health issues or symptoms at all, other than some lab results…  My urine test showed a trace of blood (microscopic hematuria).  My blood test came back with a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level of 2.5.  My physician wasn’t too concerned.  He said to have another urine test in a few months (I did, and it was normal).  As for the PSA, he wasn’t too concerned about that, either.  He said it was at the high end of normal, but is something to watch.  Indeed, the lab report said anything between zero and 4.0 (ng/mL) was a normal result, so I didn’t think anything of it.

Not until fall of 2008, when I had to have another physical in order to do some volunteer work that required some state issued forms to be completed by my physician.  As a matter of procedure at age 40, I was given my first DRE.  Digital Rectal Exam.  Yeah, not very pleasant, but I guess it’s a fact of life from here on out.  I was told my prostate was slightly enlarged, but otherwise normal.  Apparently, prostate cancer can not only cause enlargement, but sometimes makes it feel hard and/or bumpy.  So, at least I didn’t have to deal with that, not yet anyway.

Nonetheless, there was still a concern, as my PSA level was still borderline.  This time it was 2.4.  Combined with the DRE and PSA, I showed a trace of blood in my urine again.  That was enough of a warning sign that I was told to see a urologist for a consultation.  It also set in motion the series of tests and events that let to this blog.  I’ve learned a lot over the last couple months.  As I continue to learn more, I hope I can share some of it with others in a similar situation.

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