What I Learned About Prostate Health, Including Biopsies, BPH, Cancer and Prostatitis

This is my personal blog about prostate health, with an initial emphasis on biopsies.  It is a journal of my adventures from learning I had a high PSA level, to having various tests and procedures.  Do I really need a prostate biopsy?  Are there any options or alternatives to a prostate biopsy?  I hope to answer these questions for myself over the upcoming weeks and months.  There will also be information on other aspects of prostate health, including cancer, as I go through more testing.

The information on this blog only applies to my personal medical issues.  I am neither a doctor or nurse, nor do I have any medical training whatsoever.  I do know that physicians are very busy and don’t always have time to keep up on the latest treatments.  I also know they can make mistakes or get stuck in a one-size-fits-all routine of treatment.  If you think you aren’t getting the best advice, do some research and get a second or third opinion from a specialist or medical professional!

For information about the blog or forums, please send a private message or email to: webmaster “at” prostatebiopsyblog “dot” com.  Thank you!

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